Workshops for You and Your Business

Set your own pace and enjoy the comfort of learning from home or the office. I’ve created a selection of online courses for you to get started. With material that you can use over and over again. Usually my online courses takes a broader approach where your common ideas and beliefs are challenged. The courses serves as an introduction to creating balance between what you want and what your business wants. Be prepared; you’re expected to reflect on a wide variety of personal and business related topics and I promise you that I’ll do my best to provide you with a new perspective.

Offering you tools and techniques to shorten the gap between you and your business in the process of creating the life that you want to live.

You and Your Business

Create a business that matches your lifestyle

In this course you'll learn how to identify your values and incorporate them into every aspect of your business. From the way you look at the customer and their journey, to how you prioritize your time, and how you streamline your decision making process.

Why run a business if it's not fun and fits into the way you want to live your life.

customer insights

Improve the relationship to your customers by understanding their journey

How much do you actually know about your customers? In this course we'll focus on how you can get a better understanding of your customers. You'll learn how to identify different stages in the customer life cycle and how to use these as a basis for creating a better experience.

Buying is a process much like travelling you don't just end up at the destination you have to go through a lot of steps to get there.

Buying is not a single action its much like going on a scavagerhunt trying to find the right destination.

business analytics

learn these fundamental numbers in business and reward yourself with a better nights sleep

Not a numbers person? No problem - I'll break down the formulas and explain the logic behind in plain english. Having a basic understanding of numbers and what to look for when trying to develop you business can be crucial. By focusing on the right analytics and indicators you can radically improve your business. Not just for financial reason but rather from a perspective of identifing key oppurtunities and challenges. Avoid surprises and learn the most important numbers as well as why they are so crucial to your business.

Its about cash, expenses, potential, growth and decision-making.