It's possible - design your business to match the life you want

Be your own boss!

Freelancers, gig-workers, and small business owners it's possible, design the lifestyle of your dreams by developing a better business where you're the best boss you've ever had - both for you and your business.

What do you dream about?

Being you own boss means that you're responsible for creating a healthy work environment and making sure that your main employee (you) are keep growing, motivated, happy and not too stressed out.

Do you know why you decided to become your own boss?

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What does your customer want?

Regardsless of industry and type of business there is one factor that more than anything determines your success - your customer. Be interested in them. Ask them questions. Listen to what they say.

Do you know your customers journey and what's important to them?

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What does your business need?

Running a business is a never ending story and there will always be something you can work on. But do you know how to analyze what is the most important task at hand or do you tend to run without a destination.

Do you know the dynamics, structure, and state of your business?

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You First - Then Everything Else

Just like no two people are the same niether is the path to a life where your business or work is a nicely integrated part that let's do the stuff you love. However, I'm here to tell you that it is possible and that I'm ready to be on your team, I'm here to support you, to challenge you, and to help you. I don't have all the answers but by asking the right questions maybe we can find the answer that is right for you.

Now is the the time. The time to.

Break out of the boxes. Throw away the labels. Forget about the conventions. And stop listening to those voices that says you can't live like that.

I encourage you to show up and be unappologetically you and design the life you want to live - every day. No more waiting for permission to do the things you love. Like travel to that country you always wanted to travel to. To work on those passions that you've never had time to. Or simply to take time off to focus on yourself.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking the following?

I would love to ________ but I simply can't because ________.

No matter how good you think the reason are now is the time to shoot it down. As the boss of your life and your business it's your job to to tackle it as a problem that needs to be solved.

Create a better business and start doing more of you love.

Lets start the process of figuring out what you you want and then create a business around that. A business that enables you to live the life that you want to live. It's possible. Also for you.


I'm Nicki

Originally from Denmark but haven't had a permanent base for years, now.

Every day i work to towards doing more of what I love.

Like travelling and constantly learning about life through meeting a variety of people and cultures.
Like having meaningful conversations that makes us grow.

I help small business owners (and individuals who identify themselves as being their own boss) solve problems related to their business - simply designing and developing better, not necessarily bigger, businesses.

On a mission to bring knowledge, resources and tools that can make you a better boss of your business and your life.